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Who Says Financial Advisories Can't Be on the Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing? - Lone Beacon
January 13, 2023 / By Roger Safont

By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon’s Director of Digital Media.

On October 7th, 2022, Lone Beacon was informed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that we had become one of the first to earn its Meta Certified Company qualification. As Meta stated in the email, “we are so excited to recognize your organization’s expertise and can’t wait to share this experience with you.” As Meta explains, “Earning a Meta Certification on a company level means that your business is recognized by Meta as having proven digital expertise through verified certifications, which can lead to more efficient campaigns. Certified employees are proven to demonstrate increased knowledge, build effective campaigns, and deliver higher quality work.”   

Being one of the first in the country – and the first Financial Advisor Marketing Agency to achieve this milestone – proves that we, as an agency servicing financial advisory clients, can harness the opportunities of the digital marketing to put them to work for your unique business. 

Financial advisories historically have been left out of the digital revolution because the demographic for retirees and pre-retirees is uncomfortable with the digital space. But that’s changing. As your demographic slowly shifts to the online marketplace, Lone Beacon helps ensure that your business is prepared to compete and win in the online world. 

But you might ask, “why is acquiring this certification, as well as our Google or LinkedIn Certifications, important to what we do? And how does it translate to success for our clients?” Simply put, it means that Lone Beacon knows how to use these platforms creatively and according to best practices, achieving success for clients in doing so.  

Zoe Menendez, Lone Beacon’s Digital Media Manager, illuminates how she was able to learn new tools to apply innovatively to the financial industry to achieve results. She said that “while studying for the Facebook Blueprint Certifications, I was introduced to so many features and capabilities of Ads Manager I had not gotten the chance to work with. Since our financial advisory vertical is so specific, we tend to stick to what we know works, so I didn’t know much about many of the other campaign objectives until I took the courses. The courses taught me all about each objective, best-case use scenarios, and best practices for optimizing an active campaign. I also learned more about the campaign types we typically run and got to understand the science behind how they perform, which helps me make better optimizations and better explain results to clients and other departments at Lone Beacon. Even if some information can’t be applied to our industry, it allows me to look at things from a unique perspective and find ways to make innovative ideas work for our clients.”  

Embarking on the certification process and annual recertification process also allows us, and thus our clients, to stay on top of the changes that are constantly made to these platforms. It tests our knowledge so that we learn best practices from other industries and campaign types that could be innovatively applied to our financial advisory clients, putting all our clients on the forefront of digital advertising success. 

As a financial advisor, you’re accustomed to wielding the financial tools that help your clients achieve their retirement goals. Similarly, we fuse financial industry knowledge and digital media in a way that helps us establish our clients’ footing in the digital space before anyone else. So, with Lone Beacon, who’s stopping you from succeeding in digital space? 

About the Author: Craig comes to us after 7 years at an agency and working independently in digital marketing, focusing on digital campaign creation and strategy. He did most of his work solving data problems and coming up with data-driven solutions and strategies. Craig grew up in the Boston area and graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University. When not working on digital marketing you might find him coaching a CrossFit class or spending time with his daughter.

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