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Top Digital Marketing Blogs in India: 11 Most Useful Blogs
January 5, 2023 / By Roger Safont

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Everything has gone online be it education, payment, jobs, consultation, and even more. If there can be all of these then why shouldn’t businesses and startups?

And that’s what we are going to discuss about this in today’s blog. These days people get so fast adopted to trust any business that exists online. Just with having a few good content, best SEO practices, better copywriting skills, and engaging social media posts, you can go a long way into your online business and cash out big with your startup.

Doing digital marketing for your business can be the best option for you. But to make a great success with digital marketing, you must visit some of the best digital marketing blogs with which you can learn some tips and tricks. So you can make a head start with your online business and avoid any mistake that can cost a use amount to your business.

So let’s go on which some of the best digital marketing blog lists with which you can get tips, tricks, and tutorials to make a head start in your online business.

Before exploring some of the best digital marketing blogs, we must confirm some questions every beginner in digital marketing may face in their online startup.

Quick List: Top Digital Marketing Blogs in India

What is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing?

It is an online practice in which anyone can promote their brand online to get better-targeted leads for their business. Digital marketing involves several practices like blogging, email marketing, social media ad, video marketing, and even more.

Along with the ways and means, there are also other options available to increase the chance of getting better traffic. Within just a few days with the help of paid means Facebook ads, Google Adword, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads(for getting professional leads), and an ad network of other platforms.

It involves the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers over the internet or in the forms of other digital communication.

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing in your Startup? What is the Importance of Digital Marketing in your Startup?

Digital marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to grow up any startup online. It gives freedom to anyone to promote their online product in brands for the students and for those who have a limited budget.

Even more, the biggest brands have also come along on social media. And other online platforms to expand their business and get better leads and customers in return.

So in this day and age, no one can underestimate the importance of digital marketing to grow up their brand and business. With digital marketing, most people have become able to make themselves self-made Millionaire.

How Can Reading a Blog on Digital Marketing be Helpful? How Can Reading a Blog on Digital Marketing be Helpful?

When you read the tips and tricks for Digital Marketing on some of the best-recommended websites. You can easily get updated with some of the best latest trends within the digital marketing industry and can apply them within the business with which you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Even more for beginners, they can easily learn about all of the biggest mistakes and regrets of a big entrepreneur that you can avoid within your startup to avoid any big losses within your business.

Also with these blogs, you can easily make a great start within your online business and can earn big within your selected Niche.

Is There any Career for Students in Digital Marketing? Is There any Career for Students in Digital Marketing?

Yes, why not? Almost any big plant that targets its customers online has already opened up big vacancies for Digital marketers. Even along with its relevant jobs such as copywriting, SEO, graphic designing, website design, and even more.

Although most of the biggest tutorials website have also been their own official digital marketing course that job a great amount from their students. From this, you can easily judge how demanding skills digital marketing has become.

Anyone who wants to switch their career to something better can also go for Digital Marketing. It provides better job security for anyone who wants to make their career through this. Even more big brands are also hunting for the best talent for Digital Marketing within the market.

So let us explore some of the best digital marketing blogs within India with which you can easily get to know about what are those trends and online practices with which anyone can grow up their online business within India.

Here are 11 Top Digital Marketing Blogs in India Here are 11 Top Digital Marketing Blogs in India

It is one of the most popular digital marketing blogs in India. The one was started in 2008 by Harsh Agrawal.

They target an audience who are looking for some of the best tips and tricks to boost up online business by doing blogging, email marketing, social media pages, and the like.

This blog has covered a wide variety of online marketing fields with which anyone can grow up their business with ease and with no mess.

Along with their official blog website, ShoutMeLoud also offers tips and tricks. For all of the things that come with digital marketing on YouTube platforms and social media pages.

Along with digital marketing, they also focus on other online marketing-related fields such as website designing, copywriting, online advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and the likes.

Even they have launched their own official digital marketing online course. With which anyone can master their online digital skills and can go long in online business in an easy way.

Talking about their audience, mostly we can see a majority of their traffic are a student and young stars who want to start and grow up their online business.

Harsh Agrawal the owner of ShoutMeLoud has done a great job by publishing some of the best blogs. And that has brought up value to most of the bloggers and they have already set up their successful blogging platform online and making a great Earning with that.

Another best Indian digital marketing blog was started by Anil Agrawal on 1st January 2010.

In this blog, they discuss some of the best topics related to online marketing and earning. With their blog, anyone can easily start their blogging journey along with there are some of the best blogging tips and tricks.

Not even just limited to blogging, this blog also focuses on Search Engine Optimisation with which anyone can bring up used traffic to their website. And for the topics related to monetizing the blog website, they have reviewed some of the best affiliates tips and tricks to increase the sales of affiliate products and make great Earning with them.

So for those who want to know about everything about blogging and online earning from basic to advanced levels. They must visit blogger passion and must start their blogging for Digital Marketing journey with it.

Along with all of that, they have reviewed some of the best online digital marketing tools and hosting services. With this, anyone can make a better decision for their purchase and can start the online journey with ease and no mess.

Even along with blogs about digital marketing and online earning they have also started their YouTube channel. So anyone those who don’t want to read these kinds of stuff. Anyone can easily watch their videos and can still consume valuable content for their online business.

Talking about some of the best online marketing tools and hosting reviews they have a review about Semrush, WPX Hosting, Convertkit, Serpstat, Rank Math SEO, Bluehost, and even more. Anil Agrawal has years of experience in digital marketing which means we can trust them with ease digital marketing. If anyone wants to start their online digital marketing journey they must follow their blog.

Whether you are looking for tips and tricks to make money online or to learn about digital marketing. Master Blogging should be also on your checklist.

Started by Ankit Singla, a full-time blogger and public speaker who are well experienced in every ins and outs of digital marketing. From this blog, he wants to help those people who want to build their successful blogging empire with some useful guide tutorials and resources for all about digital marketing and blogging.

Most of their students started successful blogging businesses. And are already making an income by following their successful tips, tricks, tutorial, guides, and even more.

With this blog, Ankit Singla will teach you how to get hundreds of subscribers per day with email marketing. Even along with more of that, with the help of email marketing, he will tell you about how to recall your email subscribers and promote your affiliate program straight into their inbox.

Those who want to get advanced in their digital online business and blogging for making money online. They must visit the master blogging website to know about some of the best tips and tricks which you can learn through years of experience with Ankit Singhla.

Like other blogs, in master blogging, Ankit Singla has also reviewed some of the best online tools and hosting platforms. With which anyone can make the right decision with their purchase, and can start a better online journey with it.

Talking about some of the best reviews blogs on their website you can check out the reviews and can get a better discount on Semrush, Grammarly, Serpstat, KWFinder, and even more.

Ankit Singla also gets featured on some of the best news sites and magazines like NDTV, The Huffington Post, your story, and The first move. This shows the trustability of the owner of this blog.

Social Panga is a creative marketing and ad agency, their blog is filled with case studies, branding, performance marketing, etc. Ever thought, How Mamaearth sells its products, and how the new TATA Health became so successful? then, Social Panga blogs are waiting for you.

If you are a person who is interested in how to do branding of a product, or how to establish brand authority, then Social Panga’s blogs are a gold mine for you.

Himanshu Arora and Gaurav Arora are both co-founders of Social Panga.

Himanshu Arora has 8+ years of online marketing experience, and his co-founder Gaurav Arora is a Wikipedia of Bollywood Movies. Which you can see on their website.

However, most content of the blog is in video format, but it won’t matter because in the end knowledge is knowledge.

Social Beat is one of India’s best blogs, in terms of Digital Marketing. Social Beat has worked with many popular brands such as TATA Cliq, boAt, Dhani, KhataBook, BEARDO, Swiggy, etc.

On their blog, you can learn from case studies, and their blogs work like guidance to someone who is looking for marketing of their brands.

Social Beat provides various services in the marketing field, such as Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, etc.

Their team is highly professional, in their team 300+ members, among which every 1 out of 4 people has Digital Guru Black Belt Certification from Google. Social Beat is founded by Suneil Chawla and Vikas Chawla.

Suneil Chawla is an MBA graduate from IIM Ahemadabad, while his co-founder Vikas Chawla is a Management graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE).

MOM – Mad Over Marketing is a Marketing Blog, Newsletter, Podcast, and YouTube channel, basically they produce content in every format, you can consume it in whichever way you like. Their blogs are highly informative, it tries to answer some interesting marketing tricks.

If you are a fan of Marketing campaigns, then you should definitely check out their blog, their blogs cover a variety of marketing campaigns and how they work.

For example, Cadbury created an ad campaign on the ‘cancel culture’ of India, which was a way creative ad, like many other ad campaigns happening in India. Like, For Parle G’s ‘You are my Parle G’ ad campaign, in which they show some real-life struggles of soldiers, teachers, mothers, fathers, etc.

You can go to their blog, and discover more such ad campaigns, which create a positive image of a brand and at the same time shape our society for the better.

Neil Patel is a famous blogger, author, entrepreneur and digital marketer, he is well known for his famous SEO tool – Ubersuggest.

The good thing about Neil Patel is first, he practically tries those tips and advice he is giving and then make a blog or a YouTube video. This is very different from the majority of the blogs, which just give advice but never had any first-hand experience.

He has grown his site –, his YouTube channel – Neil Patel, and his Instagram page also, and that’s why he has the authority to give some advice, to those who are looking for doing the same.

Neil Patel’s blogs are all about SEO Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Marketing giving some information about SEO Tool. He is a creator of an SEO Tool, and he also runs a Marketing and Consultant Agency.

If you are someone, who genuinely wants to grow his website or social media handle, Neil Patel’s blogs are one of the most blogs for you. Other than that, your marketing journey will be much easier, if you learned how to use the SEO tools, he suggests in his videos and blogs.

Neil Patel Blogs are definitely one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

Social Samosa is a blog that helps you stay updated in the Marketing world or Social Media world. Social Samosa works as an online news portal site about the marketing world, the best you can not only read blogs but also you can write blogs for them.

Social Samosa is run by 100+ authors who write exciting blogs about the industry. With 21 expert authors who write Industry-level content.

The uniqueness of Social Samosa is that its large aspect cover digital marketing, but it is not limited to digital marketing, it also covers Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ad Campaigns, etc.

If you are one, who is interested in learning about the digital marketing industry and want to be updated about it, then you should definitely check out Social Samosa.

Also, if you have any inside information or you are willing to write a guest post, Social Samosa is a good platform for you. You can even get paid, if you work as a content writer here, by working here you might learn way better than just passively reading blogs.

By far, it is sure that Social Samosa is also one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

Sorav Jain is a digital marketing and social media expert, he is also an educator, consultant, author, trainer, and speaker. He is the author of his website and writes blogs about digital marketing topics, news, and updates.

His blogs are generally list-type blogs, in his blogs, he mentions various SEO tools, affiliate marketing programs, and marketing ideas.

Other than his blogs, he is also an educator, who sells courses about digital marketing. If you want to learn digital marketing from him, you can enroll in his free digital marketing course, where he offers certificates also.

Sorav started his career, when he was 17 as an SEO Executive, he has done his Master’s in International Marketing Management from Leeds Unversity Business School. And he is an alumnus of Loyola School, Chennai.

If you want to learn digital marketing, you can definitely check out his website, and learn from it. You can also learn from his journey about how to make a career in digital marketing.

Currently, he is selling three digital marketing courses, 1 free and 2 are paid. Which two of them are online and one is offline, which you can attend in Chennai.

AD Gully is an online news portal, which publishes news about the Marketing, Media, and Advertising Industry. On their website, you can find news about various marketing campaigns, agencies, and advertisers.

Mainly on their blogs, you will find the latest updates in the marketing industry, blogs are usually related to digital marketing, Bollywood, influencer marketing, advertising agencies, and news updates on regulations of social media or government laws affecting the marketing industry.

AD Gully was founded in 2009 by Bijoya Ghosh, currently, they are operating from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bijoya Ghosh has completed her Exercising Leadership Course at Harvard Business School.

She has completed her MBA from Nagpur University, however, she isn’t a primary author behind AD Gully’s post, she currently handles the advertising part of the organization.

If you are a person, who needs insightful information about the latest news and update about the industry, AD Gully is a place for you. AD Gully covers various different topics, to help you be updated.

However, it isn’t a learning blog or educational blog but if you want to know how day-to-day things work in the Marketing and Advertising industry, then it is a great blog. Surely, AD Gully is also on the list of top marketing blogs in India.

Digital Vidya is a professional training company and a digital marketing blog. Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading company in professional training that focuses on new-age skills.

Since 2009, Digital Vidya is operating and it has worked with 61,000+ professionals and worked with 16,000+ brands. Which includes Google, Nokia, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, MakeMyTrip, Citi Bank, etc.

Digital Vidya is one of the leading websites, other than professional training, they also provide courses and blog articles.

Their blogs are generally about How-to topics in the realm of digital marketing. Apart from blogs, they also provide Digital Marketing courses.

If you are a digital marketing student, Digital Vidya has many free resources for you such as Blogs, quizzes, webinars, and Guides. I think this will be beneficial for you, as they are the leading brands in terms of Digital Marketing.

Digital Vidya was founded by Pradeep Chopra and co-founded by Kapil Nakra, who is also the CEO of Digital Vidya.

Pradeep Chopra is an entrepreneur for the last 17 years, before starting Digital Vidya he was running a Startup, Pradeep has been graduated from IIT Delhi. Kapil Nakra his co-founder is also an entrepreneur for the last 18 years, he has been graduated from IIT Delhi.

These digital courses are designed for serious digital marketers, they have various in which you can enroll in.

They have various digital marketing courses such as the Certified Digital Marketing Course, in which you have 100+ hours of class and an internship opportunity, this course will cost you ₹49,900 excluding GST.

If you are a person who is very serious about your digital marketing career, you can definitely enroll in their courses to get industry-level experience. However, if you are just a beginner and want to learn about digital marketing, you can read their blogs, and take their quiz, etc.

Digital Vidya is surely one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

The Conclusion The Conclusion

After exploring all the doubts and best digital marketing blogs. Do you think that’ll be enough to make it big in your online business with digital marketing? But there are more things other than digital marketing you must focus on that factor such as providing a better service and product to your customers. Maintaining a good relationship with your customers and clients, having a better brand voice for your online business, having a good design and user interface on your website with better graphics and a memorable brand logo, and the likes.

Also along with this list, you can go for other digital marketing blogs as well. Remember you must visit as many as many digital marketing blogs such as Neil Patel, Backlinko, social samosa, and even more. To make a head start in your online business with digital marketing, it is necessary for you to must-have stay updated with all of the latest trends that are going along within digital marketing.

If you keep track of all of these factors along with having good practice in digital marketing. Then you can make sure that you will go a long way with your online business.

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