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January 11, 2023 / By Roger Safont

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Digital marketing is vital for your modern business. It allows you to reach out to your target customers without paid ads. Online channels like email, website, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and podcasts help you introduce your brand to online users. With a digital marketing channel mix, you might generate more sales and nurture your relationships with your loyal clients.

Combined effectively, these digital platforms will help you gain a competitive edge and achieve a higher market share. In turn, your marketing campaigns will be able to reach a higher engagement rate, which might make you the leading brand in your industry.

When maximizing your digital marketing channel mix, you should follow these five practices:

1. Mapping the Customer Journey

A customer journey map provides valuable information about your target audience’s experiences and preferences. This visual storyline guides you when assessing which promotional campaigns are gaining the most traction so that they are reusable for future initiatives. Aside from that, you can use these insights when developing better product features. This ensures you stay ahead of the competition while satisfying the demands of your customers.

When creating a customer journey map, you have to work with digital marketing experts in Australia to ensure that you are tracking the right online users. These professionals will help you develop realistic buyer personas by outlining relevant touch-points through various online marketing channels.

2. Automating Repetitive Tasks

In digital marketing, you perform repetitive tasks like collecting insights from your audience, sending cart abandonment emails, or scheduling posts. When you continue manually processing these online activities, you will most likely miss sales opportunities from interested buyers. In turn, you may be unable to keep up with your competitors and respond to complaints from online consumers, which affects your reputation.

When it comes to automating repetitive tasks in your digital marketing mix, you must consider tools like content scheduling, live-chat bots, and inbox filtering. After that, you must ensure to turn on reminders so you can fully take advantage of these technologies and improve your online campaigns.


3. Adding CTAs

Publishing online allows you to introduce your products or services to online users. Therefore, you need to add clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to guide your audiences as they interact with your content. As a result, you will encourage active engagement on digital platforms and boost brand visibility.

When adding CTAs, you must analyze your goals to direct your visitors to the ideal actions. Next, make sure to connect all your active digital platforms to inspire them to stay updated with your brand by inviting them to follow your accounts.

4. Leverage UGC

Your loyal customers are some of the most influential promoters of your offerings because they show your prospects that you are credible. Your leads will consider buying your products when they recommend your brand to their peers using user-generated content (UGC). In turn, you will generate more leads, gain more sales, and increase brand credibility.

To encourage UGC, you may organize an interactive contest on Facebook and promote this event through other digital media. Then, you must use email marketing to send the rules to interested participants and collect data about them. For instance, you may use unique UGCs as tools for them to join the contest so you can create a buzz about your brand throughout online channels.

Once you have successfully gathered UGC from your customers, you must ask their permission if you can publish them throughout your channels. If they agree, you may use their posts as positive client testimonials to gain your leads’ trust. For instance, you may highlight their reviews on your blog or share them on your social media stories to encourage others to do the same.

5. Improving SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices are cost-effective ways for you to reach out to online users without spending marketing funds on campaigns. You can direct more organic traffic to your website when you achieve the highest rank on search engine pages. As a result, you will be able to introduce your brand to them and encourage them to browse other relevant business information.

When improving SEO, you must promote your original blogs on other social media platforms. This directs your followers to your website. After that, you should send personalized emails to your customers to motivate them to open your message and click on your web link. However, remember that you must research keywords to use suitable blog topics and terms.

Key Takeaway

As a modern entrepreneur, you must utilize online channels to promote your business and nurture relationships with your customers. Therefore, you should consider following these five tips to maximize your digital marketing channel mix. Once you do so, you might improve content engagement rate, attract more qualified leads, and stay ahead of the competition.

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