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Digital marketing tips for estate agents - TIME BUSINESS NEWS
January 16, 2023 / By Roger Safont

In order to close sales and get fresh leads, estate agents must have a digital marketing plan. Here are a few pointers on implementing SEO for Estate Agents and help in launching your digital marketing.

Make a website that is mobile-friendly.

Worldwide online traffic from mobile devices makes up about 50% of all traffic. Mobile devices contributed 50.81% of all website traffic worldwide in the third quarter of 2020. Therefore, if you don’t have a properly configured website, you risk losing lead generation or sales from potential clients as more than half of your customers access your website from a mobile device. Ensure your website is well-built and quick to draw visitors so you can give your customers the information they require.

Make Useful Blog Content

The creation of blog material is crucial for a website to rank well on Google and other search engines without having to spend a lot of money. By starting a blog, you may help your clients learn how to sell or buy a home and enhance your reputation as an estate agent. When developing blog content, estate agents demonstrate their expertise to buyers and sellers who wish to hire them.

Utilise Useful Hashtags to Focus on Your Location

You should optimise every piece of content you post on your website so that it appears when people search for your branch and may get in touch with you. This could include regional place names like the city in which you operate, the areas where you buy and sell homes, and the communities you serve. The aim is that your website will appear when potential clients type in the term “purchase a home near -insert location-“.

Link to Useful Resources

Linking to trustworthy sources is another strategy to improve your score. In order to improve your reputation, reliability, and search engine rating and give accurate information to your customers or sellers, it is crucial to link back to reliable sources. Make sure you are on their website and that they connect to your page or vice versa if you have any specific accreditation from the NAEA, RICS, or ARLA.

Prioritise customer testimonials

Customers are likely to look at ratings or reviews before making a purchase in order to determine whether their time will be well spent. Your customer base and revenues will grow if you ensure favourable evaluations on your website and other online directories like Google or Yelp.

Open accounts on social media

The truth is that when it comes to developing your brand, your social media presence could save you. While planning digital marketing for estate agents, social media is a great way to spread your message and is cost-free.

Keep a positive online reputation

The management of customers who could have had a negative experience with your estate firm can benefit from having a social media presence. Businesses discover that customers frequently contact them through social media. The best way to handle them is to acknowledge the issue and then resolve it offline.

There are other review sites where you must pay to create your profile. Centralising your reviews is free if you use Google My Business. Given that it will display your ratings in local search results, Google My Business is quite effective. Setting up your online review profiles is crucial before receiving lousy feedback. It’s impossible to satisfy all of our customers continuously.

Invest in Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Using SEO to establish a strong online presence should be seen as a long-term investment, as attracting local vendors and customers to your website have a very positive return on investment. Keep in mind that your rivals can utilise SEO to dominate local search outcomes. A competent SEO business can research the competition, pinpoint its advantages and disadvantages, and develop a workable plan. For the majority of estate agents, local SEO really shines. Local SEO is the process of optimising a business for a location-specific search query.

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