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Construction & Real Estate: Digital Marketing & Data To Perpetuate Your Business
January 6, 2023 / By Roger Safont

The evolution of digital technology has changed the way people consume, search for and purchase goods and services.

On the one hand, these changes are forcing companies in the housing sector to digitalize their marketing practices. On the other hand, they reveal significant business opportunities thanks to the exploitation of data that is now more accessible. Rémi Valentin, Innovative Solutions Director and Sébastien Goubrievsky, Marketing Director of Editus, a Google Partner certified marketing agency specialized in Data, shed light on the challenges facing companies in this sector.

SEO, content & e-reputation: new challenges for companies

Virtual tours, online quotes, loan simulations, concierge services, specialized real estate platforms, etc. The housing landscape in Luxembourg has evolved. Thanks to digital technology, before taking action, an Internet user can already access 75% of the information needed to carry out his project on Google. They will click on the website or the company profile of the professional who has put forward the product or service that meets their criteria and will certainly choose the professional who will offer them an online quote request or who has the best reviews on Google.

It should be noted that 87% of internet users stop their purchase process if a rating is below 3 on Google. This forces companies in the housing sector to adapt to Google’s referencing criteria in order to be more visible while maintaining their e-reputation!

“We support more than 1,200 companies in the real estate and construction sector in the management of their digital presence and their opinions,” explains Sébastien Goubrievsky, reminding us of the importance of placing data at the heart of marketing considerations.

Data at the heart of marketing considerations

“Customers in this sector appeared on average 32 million times in Google and results lists in 2021 and these appearances generated 50 million clicks. What we see is that in 52% of cases, Internet users consult the company’s website as a priority, while 23% prefer to have a telephone contact. These are precious indications to help professionals understand their targets’ purchasing path and communicate with them at the right time, on the right channel” develops Sébastien Goubrievsky.

However, mastering advertising investments and anticipating customer needs are not the only business advantages that digital marketing and data allow, according to Rémi Valentin.

Leveraging data to secure new projects

“There are a multitude of “data sets” that professionals in the housing sector can use to support their strategic decision-making and surround themselves with trusted partners. Editus has legal and financial data to check the financial health of companies or partners but also marketing and behavioral data through its Editus Insight solution to ensure the relevance of a project and to get promotional benefits.”

Indeed, Editus Insight is a solution developed by a group of Data Intelligence Experts at Editus, which allows them to perform reliable and relevant market research based on anonymized data from digital campaigns and mobility data crossed with POIs (Point of Interest) referenced in the Editus database. Thanks to this solution, developers can define the most attractive areas for their future real estate projects, whether they are intended for professionals or residents.

“They have a global vision of the profile of visitors to the area, how and why they move there and can easily promote the competitive advantages of their project to their partners and clients” explains Rémi Valentin.

From the evaluation of your project to the promotion of your goods and services, including the search for and the establishment of relationships with service providers, Editus accompanies all companies in the housing sector, taking into account the evolution of uses.

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