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Actual SEO Media, Inc Helps Brands Understand the Language of Digital Marketing and Find Their Voice Through Content - Business News Today - EIN Presswire
January 7, 2023 / By Roger Safont

Experimentation can help boost the creative process to find the best method of of digital marketing.

Blogs are a way to give visitors a company’s expert opinion on a topic.

Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. talks about the different types of content and how to maximize it for SEO.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, there are tons of different ways to go about creating content. Just like language, digital marketing has different ways of speaking about the same product, and there are different dialects. In fact, there are so many different ways to create content to help boost SEO sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which dialect is the most beneficial. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a few key ideas on how to help companies find what works best for them.

Content is a Brand’s Voice

Creating content is what helps Google and audiences find a particular product or service. Without regular content, a company is going to get lost in the sea of hundreds and even thousands of other companies just like it. Content is what gives a company its voice. This voice can be informative, opinionated, entertaining, thought-provoking, or all of the above.

For instance, dog training services might want their voice to be more informative but still entertaining. Animal trainers want to convey to their audience that training a dog is a fun bonding experience rather than a chore. In contrast, lawyers will want to stay away from entertainment and may want to stick with strictly informative. People who are looking for a lawyer are not interested in having fun with the law. Cosmetic brands can be informative, entertaining, and opinionated. They can give tutorials, show off their latest makeup looks, and even offer their opinions on some of the best glam looks.

A brand’s voice also helps give it personality, which also helps relate to its target audience. How a brand relates to its target audience is a huge factor in how successful that brand will be. For example, a toy company is not going to want to put out blogs and long-form articles explaining to kids why their toys are fun. This may attract their parents, but there are better methods than this. Videos with fun colors, funny sounds, and music are going to be more successful. Products and services geared towards teenagers and young adults are likely to want to create blogs and memes and use videos to post to social media sites. A company must relate to its target audience to be successful.

The Experimental Process

Experimenting is always the best course of action when figuring out what works best. How do scientists figure out if their theory holds water? They have to create experiments. Companies should do the same when figuring out which marketing method works best for them.

Content experimentation is a great way to flex the creative muscles of any marketing team. It allows for new ideas to surface, especially if the current system grows stale. It can be challenging to pump out new ideas created in the same format day in and day out. When the usual methods are no longer working, then it is time to shock the system by experimenting with something new to see what else a company can do to help bring more attention to them.

These are a few examples of content types brands can experiment with:

-Case Studies
-Check Lists
-Customer Reviews
-Live streams/ Q&As

The Big Four

When creating content, it will usually fall into one or more of these four categories: Attraction, Affinity, Authority, and Action.

Attraction- This type of content is to help bring more organic traffic to a site. Creating attraction content is meant to be informative and help people. Content such as “5 Reasons Why Your Dog Pulls On the Leash” is a good example of attraction content. It draws the audience in and provides information on how to help with leash training.

Authority- This type of content is to express a company’s expertise in a particular topic. When it comes to animal training, there are literally millions of results. No one person is going to sift through all those results to find the best one. They are going to stick with what is on that first page. Therefore, brands need to show that they are an expert at what they are talking about by providing helpful information to back this up.

For example, an animal trainer will want to put out video content showing their skills by working with a dog that actually has a problem and then showing how to correct the problem successfully. This will allow for the content to speak for itself.

Affinity-Businesses need to provide more than just their services and products. They need to convince their audience why they are better than the competition, which can be done in multiple ways. Connecting with audiences on an emotional level has proven to be incredibly effective. This also allows trust to build between the brand and its audience.

Continuing with the animal training example, many people want to know that they are getting advice from someone who knows how to respect an animal and not use force. Another good tactic for a trainer would be to express the benefits of a well-trained dog. Such as how much more enjoyable a pet owner’s experience would be, especially if the pet owner is new to owning a dog.

Action-This is self-explanatory. Action content invites audiences to do something, whether it is to visit a location, join a newsletter, sign up for a webinar, answer a survey, or take advantage of a special offer, whatever the case may be. This can help seal the deal when it ones to turning an interested viewer into a customer.

Marketing is challenging. It is its own language, and like any language, there is a transition period of finding the right dialect and knowing how to wield it. Trying to modify old methods as a brand’s voice continues to develop over time is even more challenging. But make no mistake that experimenting to find the right content is highly rewarding for businesses.

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